2. Sustainability
  3. Information Security


Information Security

Recognizing the importance of information in communication activities, we promote information security efforts as one of our key corporate activities, to protect and utilize valued information assets entrusted to us by advertisers, other business partners and consumers. Since 2005, we have obtained information security management certifications and continually enhance our information security practices, to establish and appropriately operate information management systems in our corporate activities.


To safeguard valuable information assets of business partners, consumers, and the Company in the aim of achieving security that protects and leverages information, we strive to understand the importance of information in the advertising business and securely apply rules and appropriately utilize information in line with the following Company-wide goals

  • Safeguarding of information entrusted to us by clients and our own corporate information
  • Stable operation¬† and safe, secure use of information systems
  • Information sharing and utilization
  • Zero leakage of confidential information
  • Reduction in paper-based documentation through disposal and digitalization to minimize risks of information leakage

Certification of ISO 27001

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 /
JIS Q 27001:2014
Certificate Registration Number IS 97212