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We at Tokyu Agency got our start in 1961 under the vision of our first president, Noboru Goto : “Be the antennae of the Tokyu Group.” Our founding mission statement spells out a key part of our identity, expressing a commitment to “contributing to the enhancement of marketing activities by providing high-quality, scientifically grounded plans in as timely a manner as possible.” Over the years, our corporate DNA of fusing data science with creativity to spark new ideas and our consistent focus on reaping business results through our advertising - stemming from our roots in the industrial world - have earned us the support of a broad client base. We are truly grateful to all the clients that have chosen us as a trusted partner.

Today, our clients inhabit a business environment in constant, dramatic flux. In that world, businesses need to incorporate the right elements of the ever-evolving technological landscape in providing richer, more fulfilling experience value to consumers and creating a path toward a sustainable future. Our promise is to power that process forward to fruition and run side by side with our clients as they grow.

The Tokyu Group is home to a diverse mix of businesses that connect directly with consumers. Serving as the Group’s antennae, we stay tuned in to how consumers really feel and what changes lie on the horizon. We then integrate mass media, digital media, and the Tokyu Group’s wide array of resources, using the entire living space - a fusion of the digital and physical dimensions - as a vibrant communication platform, to create proposals that put clients in the perfect position to reach their business goals. And when implementing our proposal, we assemble the optimal team to engage in the client’s business with sincerity and passion to co-create new value.

At Tokyu Agency, we take pride in symphonized value creation, always evolving forward. Let us journey together to create symphonized value for your business.

Toshiyuki Takasaka
President and Representative Director