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CRM(Customer Relationship Management)

Amid changes in the social environment and lifestyles, it is vital to utilize data on individual consumer mindsets and behaviors, harnessing advances in data and technology to sustainably grow our clients’ businesses. To continually cultivate and strengthen links between brands and consumers, we will enhance lifetime value for your customers by delivering personalized experience value to each consumer.



  • Customer analysis (classify and identify prospective customers)
  • Profile your customers (app users)


  • Target Finder®

    Powered by AI, Target Finder automatically analyzes behavioral data to answer the questions “who?,” “what?,” and “how much?”. This clustering tool classifies customers by behavioral tendency and identifies and extracts prospective customers. Target Finder is used for many CRM practices because it enables customer analysis without presumed hypotheses.

  • Loyal-U Finder®

    Analyzes smartphone log data to ascertain the usage of various apps including frequency of launches, usage duration and which apps the user uses.
    Smartphone apps are now an indispensable part of consumers’ daily lives, and analyzing app usage paints a realistic, clear picture of your current users (your app users ≒ loyal users) and potential customers. The resulting analytical data can be leveraged to develop and implement CRM strategies and tactics.