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Business Design

With a view to sustainable business growth for our clients, we support steady generation of results through systematic management of KPIs and KGIs. As digitalization advances, how do diversified, multi-layered approaches affect objectives? By drawing up tree structures and clarifying PDCA frameworks, we achieve effective marketing activities and improve marketing ROI.



  • KPI/KGI setting
  • PDCA process design
  • PDCA process sharing


  • KPI Management Service

    To maximize marketing results, we clarify KPIs to identify the true state of activity processes and cause-and-effect relationships, and provide original methods that set measurable goals through discussions with clients.

  • T-Flash Viewer

    A one-stop tool enabling automated, timely confirmation of various data to support high-speed PDCA in marketing communications. Sharing this tool with clients improves accuracy and speed in gaining a clear picture of the current situation so measures can be enhanced as necessary.