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Digital Advertising Quality Control

Tokyu Agency regards the promotion of quality assurance in online advertising an important business activity. We work to prevent the following: fraudulent acquisition of advertising revenue by malicious parties (ad fraud), client advertising being delivered on sites that may damage brand image (for brand safety), advertising that is easily overlooked (for viewability), as well as unpleasant user experiences.

Digital Advertising
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Outline of JICDAQ Certification and Registration

The three advertising organizations Japan Advertisers Association, Japan Advertising Agencies Association, and Japan Interactive Advertising Association established the digital advertising quality third-party certification organ Japan Joint Industry Committee for Digital Advertising Quality & Qualify (JICDAQ).
Tokyu Agency Inc. has acquired the following certification as proof of compliance with the JICDAQ certification standards.

  • アドフラウド
  • ブランドセーフティ

Certificate Registration Number: J1054-1T3-240731/J1054-1B3-240731