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Communication Design

We offer one-stop support for consumer experience value planning and execution aimed at integrated marketing communication. Utilizing practical insights into consumer behavior gained through real-world experience in businesses operated by Tokyu Group companies, which provide a diverse range of lifestyle services, we design full-funnel communications in step with clients and enhance customer lifetime value.



  • Brand development and growth strategies
  • Customer structure analysis
  • Product development


  • V-Ways®

    A process for discussion of strategy to develop a brand vision and cultivate the brand. After considering the condition of the brand, we work with the client to build a path for brand advancement.


  • QBR™

    Based on a theory developed by Professor Kevin Keller of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, this tool visualizes how consumers perceive a brand. It accurately analyzes the brand, identifying its strengths and weaknesses, and looks at where it needs to be enhanced.

  • CX Planning Camp®

    This workshop-style program creates an opportunity for all those involved in a project to effectively and efficiently develop a customer experience plan based on objective customer journeys derived from research and real customer experience flows.