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Amazing Experience

Unique Approaches to Experience Creation

Our membership in the Tokyu Group with its many points of contact with consumers positions us advantageously to employ designs based in reality to create highly effective marketing solutions and experiences. This is the secret to Tokyu Agency’s unique ability to produce amazing experiences.

We create experiences

  1. In commercial facilities located along the Tokyu railway lines or owned by the Tokyu Group, through TOKYU OOH (out-of-home) media or in urban centers such as Shibuya.
  2. Through synchronizing our operations with clients’ PDCA cycles and establishing links with their brand management.
  3. Based on data analysis conducted to stimulate purchasing activity.
  4. Through events that acquire topicality among consumers or conferences that strengthen bonds between companies and their business partners.
  5. At a variety of business activity contact points, from shopping centers to showrooms.
  6. Through OOH in Japan’s airports benefiting from our unsurpassed achievements in outdoor advertising.