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Corporate Social Responsibility

Participation by Female Employees

The number of women who continue to work for Tokyu Agency after childbirth is increasing due to support from the Company that enables them to maintain a work-life balance. Many female employees are active today in various jobs and job categories, and we will continue helping them to become increasingly active members of our team by introducing work-style options and supporting their career development.

Action Plan

We have implemented the following action plan, based on the “Act to Advance Women’s Success in Their Working Life,” to improve the employment environment to enable women to exercise their abilities as fully as they wish and play more active roles:

1.Period:April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2021
2.Issue for the futureSystematically cultivate female employees for promotion to managerial positions
3.GoalIncrease the ratio of female employees in managerial positions to over 7% by the end of March 2021.
4.InitiativesActively identify motivated, capable female employees and cultivate them to fill managerial positions.
Introduce various career paths and arrange opportunities for young female employees to interact with mentors.
Promote a work-life balance by creating a working environment that is friendly to women.
Increase awareness among managerial staff in the various workplaces to enable women to work in accordance with their roles and skills.

Data on women’s participation in work

(ended March 2014)
(ended March 2015)
(ended March 2016)
Number of employees Men 690 697 704
Women 227 226 236
Total 917 923 940
Ratio of women 24.8% 24.5% 25.1%
Number of employees in managerial positions Men 127 134 118
Women 3 3 4
Total 130 137 122
Ratio of women 2.3% 2.2% 3.3%
(ended March 2014)
(ended March 2015)
(ended March 2016)
Average service years Average for men 15.3 years 15.6 years 13.4 years
Average for women 15.0 years 15.4 years 14.0 years
Overall average 15.2 years 15.6 years 13.9 years
Number taking childcare leave Men 0 1 3
Women 3 3 7
Total 3 4 10