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Corporate Social Responsibility

Tokyu Agency’s Environmental Policy

Established April 1, 2001
Amended April 1, 2010

Basic Principle

In 1997, Tokyu Group established a corporate policy, “To conduct business in harmony with the natural environment.” As a member of the Tokyu Group, Tokyu Agency will follow this corporate policy and will conduct business activities while paying close attention to maintaining the global environment and reducing environmental burden. We will recognize global environmental issues as our own issues, be aware of social responsibility as a corporate citizen, and contribute to the well being of society on an ongoing basis.


As a comprehensive advertising company and a leading member of an affiliated group of companies, we will promote the following environmental protection activities in our daily business and administrative activities.

To conduct effective use of natural resources and energy, and to reduce environmental burden, we will accurately identify the effect of our business activities on the environment and, based on that evaluation, establish our environmental objectives and goals. We will conduct environmental audits to review environmental management systems and to revise these systems on a continuous basis.

We will observe laws, regulations and agreements on environmental issues when promoting our environmental protection activities.

We will introduce the necessary corporate measures to conduct environmental protection activities, including pollution prevention measures.

The following issues will be looked into as a priority.
  • Promotion of advertisement recommendations and/or plans that will contribute to the well being of society on an ongoing basis while paying close attention to reducing environmental burden.
  • Promotion of “Green Purchase” and “Green Transaction”, a policy of preferred purchase of products with consideration to the environment.
  • Promotion of energy and resource conservation.
  • Application and proper implementation of “Reuse, reduce and recycle” throughout our business activities.

We will publicly announce this policy and the status of our environmental protection activities to our clients, our shareholders and all our business associates.

All our employees will be made aware of this policy. Environmental education programs and related activities will be introduced to further raise the awareness of each and every employee.

We will ask for the understanding and cooperation of our business associates in implementing this policy.

Naoyuki Shibutani
President and Representative Director
Tokyu Agency Inc.

April 1, 2010

ISO 14001 Certified Registration

Tokyu Agency Inc., head office has conducted the standard environmental preservation activities specified by JIS Q 14001 and have received inspection and was certified by Japanese Standards Association, Certification/Registration Department on February 22, 2002 with a registration number of JSAE 469. We believe contributing to sustainable society is an important issue for our business and will steadily conduct environmental preservation activities.