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The Tokyu Group’s wide-ranging business domain extends from railway transportation, real estate, and department store and other retailing to leisure services and hotel operation. We keep our ears open to consumers’ current concerns and opinions in all our business activities, including those conducted in urban centers such as Shibuya, Futakotamagawa, Jiyugaoka and Tama Plaza.

Always alert to changes in consumers’ consciousness and behavior, we are constantly considering what messages should be transmitted through which means. The Group’s many TOKYU OOH media that consumers encounter directly are a particularly important asset.

We have experience and expertise in developing marketing strategies that incorporate media that are integrated into consumers’ lives and connected to points of purchase. Besides TOKYU OOH, we have advertising transaction accounts with major railway companies and airport operators nationwide as well as close relations with outdoor media and other networks. We consider all the media that reach consumers, from TV and radio to newspapers and magazines, and formulate combinations that can maximize the impact of communications on our clients’ business.

Tokyu Agency as a media company: TOKYU OOH

Transit and outdoor media belonging to the Tokyu Group (TOKYU OOH) are disseminated throughout the southwestern districts of Tokyo, with Shibuya as the hub.

Among its businesses, Tokyu Agency functions as a media company that operates and manages these media.
Managing communications through these unique media with consumers living along the Tokyu railway lines and visitors to Shibuya, a Tokyo sub-center recognized as an incubator for new trends, gives us an advantage in recognizing consumers’ responses and emerging trends quickly.


Airport Marketing

The role of airports and their surrounding environments is changing dramatically. The Japanese government has set a target of attracting 40 million tourists to Japan by 2020, and the airport gives foreign visitors their first experience of Japan. We are also witnessing a growing trend toward airport privatization, in which the rights to operate airports are acquired by private-sector companies for extended periods. As regional revitalization progresses, the airport is changing its identity from a transit point to a communication venue that attracts people from throughout the region.

Tokyu Agency maintains close relationships with various airport operators due to our industry leadership and impressive track record in airport media production established over many years. Besides producing airport media, we manage commercial facilities in a number of airports.

We also participate as an administrative board member in the management of Sendai International Airport, which was privatized in July 2016. We are endeavoring to deepen our understanding of the attitudes and behavior of airport users through our involvement in various aspects of airport operations as a basis for providing effective brand experiences that are exclusive to airports.