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Marketing Solutions

Our history of success and experience in managing brand accounts for large numbers of clients has prepared us to offer a broad range of marketing solutions. Whether strategy development or actual resolution, we have systems in place for providing marketing solutions of any kind, with competency extending from the planning to the implementation of business strategies, communication strategies, brand consulting, investigations and surveys, new product/service development, commercial facility development, mail-order/e-commerce business support and e-CRM.


We provide clients with consolidated branding services to enhance the value of their brands, their most vital assets.

Keller brand theory deployment to grasp brand conditions

QBR (Quick Brand Report)™

We employ the brand management theory developed by Professor Keller* of Dartmouth College, a leading expert in the field, to visualize the ways in which consumers perceive a brand. We determine the condition of the brand accurately by analyzing its strengths and weaknesses and identify the aspects that require strengthening.

*About Professor Keller’s brand management theory

The world’s foremost authority in the study of brands, branding and strategic brand management, Professor Kevin Lane Keller of Dartmouth College is recognized as the originator of the customer-based brand equity theory. Tokyu Agency published his seminal Strategic Brand Management series in Japan.

V-WAYS® for formulating brand vision and strategies

When considering the condition of a brand, we cooperate with the client in determining an appropriate direction and pathway to its reformation. We employ the specially developed V-WAYS® discussion process to formulate a brand vision and strategies for fostering the brand.

The V-WAYS® name is derived from “Ways” toward “Vision,” “Value” enhancement and client “Victory.” This product is effective in designing appropriate discussion processes to improve the quality of discussions concerning issues facing a client’s business and brand. We use the discussions to find solutions to the issues in cooperation with the client. We then incorporate the solutions into brand development and internal branding measures that lead to business success.