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Global Networks

Reinforcing our Asian networks

We have formed a business alliance with the DDB Worldwide Group to offer client services under the DDB TAG brand, which is supported by the resources of both companies, with the intention of providing strictly result-based solutions that contribute to the growth of our clients in Asia.

DDB Group Asia Pacific

39 offices in 15 countries with 3,200 employees (worldwide: 206 offices in 96 countries with 15,000 employees)

DDB Group Asia Pacific

Business spheres of the DDB Group

Business spheres of the DDB Group

We are committed to becoming a true partner for our Asian clients by strengthening our partnership with the DDB Group and establishing an Asian regional service structure.

Consolidating our service structure in the Japanese market

Among activities in the Japanese market, we established TAG TRIBAL in Tokyo through a business alliance with TRIBAL Worldwide Group Asia, the DDB Group’s digital agency. We cooperate with employees from Singapore in providing “smart results through smart innovation” (innovation that produces the intended results and stimulates growth) with the aim of becoming a “growth consulting agency” that earns the trust of clients’ CMOs by working as their partner.