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Data Solutions

We implement unique data solutions to draw up marketing communication strategies for the data-intensive era, establish PDCA cycles and create “Amazing Experiences.”

Target Finder®
Using intensive data to identify prospective customers

This analysis tool enables us to identify prospective customers for specific products and services automatically using the voluminous customer purchase history data already in clients’ possession without relying on attribute data. Developed jointly with Logic Design based on research conducted by AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technologies), it supports our consulting services and system sales. Target Finder® facilitates the use of continuously accumulating intensive data to set strategic marketing targets.

Target Finder® × essentia
Discovering prospective customers among website visitors

Target Finder® is not only useful in identifying prospective customers automatically based on purchasing history. It can also be linked with “AuriQ® essentia,” an intensive data solution provided by Antuit, to determine customers who are likely to purchase clients’ products or services through website visitor cookies. Its ability to identify “visitors with a high conversion ratio” among website visitors makes it possible to narrow the mass of visitors down to prospective customers and implement optimally effective approaches.

This linkage of the two tools equips marketing professionals to grasp the movements of prospective and unpromising customers on clients’ website, clarifying areas that need improvement and thus reducing the time and expenditures required for planning, operation and management of website businesses.

Achieving content management in an era of proliferating devices

The TACSIS® content management system features multiple-device compatibility across the range from websites, mobile sites and smartphone sites to digital signage and cable TV. Designed for use in commercial facilities, it offers a wealth of back office management functions and provides efficient support for electronic applications, schedule sharing, workflow management and operations concerning claims and accidents.