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Data Marketing Solutions

Collect, process and analyze data; design, verify and improve customer contact points. Tokyu Agency implements an optimal PDCA cycle-style marketing process, based on data obtained from our proprietary solutions and various other sources, to advance in tandem with clients toward sound business solutions.

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Key data marketing support solutions

Original DMP

The proprietary Tokyu Agency DMP (data marketing platform) handles multi-perspective marketing based on GPS positioning data, attribute data, Web browsing data and Web media contact data. Linkage with location advertising and Web advertising is also possible.

Location data-linked advertising distribution system

This area marketing tool makes use of positioning data acquired by GPS combined with unique attribute data. We also offer dashboards applicable to individual stores or areas.

Target Finder

Target Finder® is a clustering tool that applies AI technology to analyze ID × transactions (IDPOS, cookies, positioning information, etc.) automatically.
*Developed using intellectual property of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Audience Finder

Audience Finder® employs Target Finder® to classify customers' Website visitors and extracts those most likely to respond. It uses linkage with third-party DMPs, extracts cookies close to the browsing behavior and conducts extended delivery.

Activation Manager

Activation Manager employs beacons for commercial facilities and facility complexes to acquire insights into consumers’ behavior from data on the sales venues they visit. It provides optimized information through an app to promote migration to and purchasing in client facilities, and to support improved cross-selling and fostering of repeat customers.

Activation Manager G

Activation Manager G is an area marketing solution that links Activation Manager with location data for commercial areas. Its ability to grasp action inside buildings as well as behavior throughout a commercial area makes it possible to develop advertising for transmission to nearby smartphones.


This dedicated distribution information system facilitates use of a CMS (content management system) and groupware to support businesses in complexes comprising 30 or more commercial facilities.