Tokyu Agency Inc.


Sphere of Business


From our unique vantage point within the Tokyu Group, we create 3D brand experiences with a live feel by freely combining various daily contact points, including urban venues, transportation systems, commercial facilities and stores.



We plan experience scenarios that bring out the attractiveness of brands to the maximum at every daily contact point and point of purchase in order to acquire new brand fans, retain existing customers and heighten customer LTV (lifetime value).


Besides producing events in Shibuya, Futakotamagawa and other urban centers with which the Tokyu Group is deeply involved, we plan and produce festivals and ceremonies that create reality-based experiences in large arenas and athletic fields.

Business conferences

We contribute to reinforcing the bonds between companies and their partners by leveraging experience gained through our many past successes to plan and operate high-quality B-to-B events such as exhibitions and private shows.

Tokyu Agency Group members specializing in project promotion
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